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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Thank you for visiting Mellow Muse Prints by printmaker and artist Julie Mok. Here, I will be sharing my musings on printmaking, techniques, resources, exhibitions and more.

After a period of personal struggle and health issues, I returned to the therapeutic medium of printmaking. Working in traditional printmaking techniques: linocut, dry point, and mono printing, I often combine with mixed media. The gestural cutting of the lino and the unpredictability of the printmaking process keeps you on your toes. Time carving can past unnoticed. My work is heavily influenced by art nouveau, classic Asian aesthetics and studies in Asian history. The themes explores cultural identity, the female form, and darker hues of the human condition. By combining the figurative and natural forms found in nature, I create a narrative of internalised conflicts and melancholic malaise that inflict us all.

Thank you and Happy Printing!

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